Thesis-Business Limited Company in 1969, "to serve humanity machinery manufacturing business to perform contemporary building projects" was established.


      Thesis-business Company Limited, as a sole proprietorship machine started to produce, high technology and the incorporation and Turkey's machinery manufacturing industry, underground cable laying used in machinery and auxiliary equipment manufacturing in the area as the first company operates.


      Thesis-Business Limited Company, as well as vocational and technical dimensions of human values is the measure, in all its activities to measure continuous knowledge work organization. Thesis-Business Company Limited, has started showing his determination to finish on time, every manufacturing open, transparent, innovative and is a company who pioneered the fields of activity.


        The laying of underground cables used in the first company in Turkey in the field of machinery manufacturing Thesis-Business Limited Company in Turkey, especially in the past half-century; Turkic Republics (Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan), Russia, Cyprus, Libya, Gambia and abroad, especially in Iraq has made important export.


Thesis-Business Company Limited, both domestic and abroad in many studies undersigned staff and operates in the field of high quality and disciplined business approach and have the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System and the World Standards adopted by the CE conformity reliable, underground cable laying machinery manufacturing is committed to perform. Of manufacturing jobs that have been committed and, determined in accordance with relevant standards and norms to be completed within budget and time, the company quality policy is the basic principle.

        Thesis-Business Limited Company, underground cable laying machines and all kinds of equipment that may be needed as the service has been achieved successfully in many projects currently in many parts of Turkey continues to work on the project.


        Thesis-Business Company Limited, the development of Turkey in all its activities, the development of world civilization; customer and employee satisfaction and values of the company at the forefront of the amount. Thesis-Business solutions Limited which also inspired by nature; knowledge and technology, human resources and new management systems are continually invest.








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